Soft Hands Strategy

Wile playing blackjack, soft hands are excellent. These hands are dominant hands, which will give you plenty of room to perk up your hand devoid of taking the danger of busting. Here, we have covered basic strategy of blackjack meant for the soft hands prior to telling you what you should do in case of a soft hand.

According to me if you get a soft hand then just believe that you are the one who has the advantage. You become the aggressor and so you should playa accordingly. A lot of time we have observed that players stand along with a soft seventeen. This possibly because they believe that their hand is good but in reality this is not true. Given that a dealer can draw to a seventeen, then the hand can win only if dealer busts. This implies that it is not as good as having a soft thirteen and none will do that.

Mistakes that you make

Still over the time you might have seen players looking at their hand of soft seventeen and then they stand after seeing the dealer's 5 up card. After this the blackjack table just rolls and groans their eyes. You should in fact not only stand at such times, but should also double down. The main reason for this is that a dealer will possibly bust then why not just twice over your bet?

After all you cannot bust with a hard hand. In case you have a taut hand then it permits you to be a bit more aggressive in the game. You can go for a hit if you get a good hand. Even if you take out a high card then all it can do is to turn the Ace into a one and you now have a stiff hand.


Most of the time in such situation other players as well as the dealer will tell you to hit. Generally they do not listen and we understand that as the others might also know about the basic strategy. The player is doubtful of this advice. Though it is fine to take the advice of other people but the best thing to do is to know about the strategy on your own. This is why we advise most of the players to learn the basic strategy ahead of playing the game, all the time. If you cannot memorize this strategy, then just use the strategy chart while playing. The best thing about playing blackjack online is that you get a lot of time. You can easily go through the chart and can also make a call to a gambler expert for counsel.