Parlay Betting System

Another betting system with which blackjack can be played is the Parlay betting scheme. A particular case of this system is the Paroli betting structure, where you wager 100 percent of the winnings on each progressive bet. This system stands on the policy of positive progression. Parlay is just the opposite of Martingale system. Let-it-ride is another name for Parlay system. This policy can be utilized in any size of bankroll. The biggest advantage of this system is that it is extremely secured than other systems.

The way the system works

This system works in optimistic progression. If you win more bets then your subsequent bets will be greater. This system utilize features like the compound interest gambling system as with each win the nest bet is higher than the original bet. For instance, if you make a bet of one dollar and you win the bet then you will have two dollars.

Therefore, the next wager will be two dollars so that you can win four dollars. This is just the opposite of martingale system. With the progression of your bet, your bankroll gets more positive. In some of the other variations of this system the complete amount of profit is not used. You can add just fifty percent of your profit to your next bet.

When to use

This betting scheme is among the safest ones that can be used if you lose the original bet, at that time you just continue betting similar minimum wager. The strategy used for Paroli system is similar to this system, once you achieve a certain level of winnings or profit. You can continue to win plenty of hands one after the other and can get huge amount of profit. In case, you utilize all your profits, then you can win up to 1000 dollars if you win 10 hands continuously.

The main problem lies with knowing at what time to stop. This system functions like a ladder as each win start a winning streak. After winning a huge amount, you will have to decide when you will stop and restart the pyramid. The trick here is to cash in on the betting run thus preventing loses. If you will continue, betting you can risk all your winnings in a lone bet.

Personally, this is among my favorite systems because it increases the excitement of the game and generates realistic profits. Using this system is very safe and can yield best profits. This system and blackjack spice up when you employ the basic strategy as well as card counting. This system makes your winnings much better. Until you know at what time to stop, you can win a lot.