Paroli Betting System

Whenever gamblers discuss about blackjack strategies most of the somber theorists refer to basic strategy of blackjack or the card counting strategy. The strategies work well most of the times. However, some other strategies are generally betting strategies instead of paying strategies. All the time it is suggested to employ the basic strategy of blackjack while playing.

The system of progressive blackjack betting can be categorized under two heads. One is the negative and the other is positive, and both have their fans. One of the most popular negative betting systems is the Martingale. One positive system is the Paroli gambling system. This is a constructive system and is taken as Anti-Martingale.

Paroli Betting System

According to this system, a player can begin with placing the minimum bet. When you win your first hand, you augment your subsequent bet. In case you lose the bet then you will go to your initial bet. While using this system you are actually 'pyramiding' your profits. You build up on your success and on the probability of hot streaks.

It is intelligent to make a bigger plan prior to playing the game. All you need to do is to look ahead. This is based on the factors such as the type of game, the odds, and the sum of money that you play with.

How this system works

For instance, if you are playing at a table with minimum 2 dollars, then you can place the minimum wager and can win two dollars. Your following bet will be four dollars. This will go on and at a predetermined point when you feel that the bet have got quite high, you come back to the original bet. This system is comparatively conservative as there is no need of huge investment. This system is stable and consistent as weighed against other systems, especially the negative systems.

Be cautions while gambling

The Paroli system and similar systems are designed to take the benefit of hot streaks. According to this theory if you raise your bet throughout a winning steak, then you will win more. In case, you get lucky and hit a streak then this betting system offer you an opportunity of winning huge sum of money from small bets. The need of capital is less since you do not try to make up your loss constsantly. On the con side of this system, sometimes streaks are erratic and can end soon after they begin. When it comes to long run, you can even lose your early bankroll with positive betting systems such as Paroli, especially, if you are not careful while playing blackjack with this system.