Options and Moves in Blackjack

Blackjack is game of fortune as much as of skills. Once the dealer has dealt the cards - you have 2 ways of acting. One of them - follow the basic strategy and strategy cards. Other method - is to bring everything to your fortune. If you chose the last one - you need to understand, which moves you are able to make and which options to use in order to win money.

Blackjack Options

Every card game has a set of standard options. In online Blackjack they are the following:

  • Hit
  • Stand
  • Split
  • Double down
  • Surrender
  • Insurance

Let's have a closer look to every option you are allowed to make.


This option is used when the player is satisfied with his hand and cards he has. To Stand means not to take another additional card. In the casinos where the dealer cannot hear the player correctly it is important to know the language of gestures to show what you are expecting from him.


When the player chose the Hit option - it means that he needs one more additional card to draw.


This option is offered to gamblers when their first two cards are of the same value, for example, two Aces or two 8s. In such case you simply divide your hand into two separate hands, double your bets and play with two or more hands at a time. After splitting you can re-split or double down if allowed. Doubled wager must be of the same size as the initial one.

Doubling Down

This option allows doubling the size of your initial wager and hitting an extra card. It helps to increase your bet size twice. Such option provides a high house edge for the player. Option is good if players' hand contains two cards of the same value.


A side bet that allows the player to insure his bet form dealer Natural hand. If this happens - then you lose your initial wager, but get back the half of it - your insurance. If the dealer doesn't have a Natural Hand - it mean you lose your whole bet at once. That's why this option is not recommended. Insurance option is totally useless until you are a professional card counter.


This option allows 2 variants; early surrender and late surrender. Early surrender offer the gambler to give up the half of his bet and a hand before the dealer shows his hole card. The Late surrender offers the same conditions after the dealer exposes his hand. This option is recommended to the players with weak hand.