Blackjack Cheating Methods: Blackjack Cheat Sheet

Blackjack is an old and very popular game. And since it has appeared there were many attempts to try and cheat at Blackjack: betting systems, strategies and now blackjack cheat sheet. Blackjack cheat sheet is almost the same as Blackjack cheating cards.

Due to increasingly changing gambling world - many methods became useless, however we are going to look at the most commonly used cheating methods among which we can name blackjack cheat sheet.

Cheating Methods at Blackjack

  1. Dealer Involvement.

    This method requires your and dealer's agreement - he must show you his hole card before you make your wager. In such method you'll gain the advantage over the house and will able to win Blackjack.

  2. Card Marking.

    The player places invisible marks on the cards so he can differentiate them all. However, the dealer can also see those marks. That's why the method is unsafe.

  3. Cards Changing.

    Another method in Blackjack cheating - is card changing. Players who quickly manage with cards can change their cards while playing and be unnoticed.

  4. Electronic Card Counting.

    This is the same method with traditional card counting with one difference - player uses electronic device, which keeps the track of the dealt cards. However, this method is illegal.

  5. Online cheating.

    Online Blackjack is widely popular activity, so many gamblers want to cheat online casino, but in fact it's impossible - online casino use RNG.

Blackjack Cheat Sheet

This sheet can bought or downloaded and used whenever you like. Blackjack cheat sheet - is a card with columns of the face dealer's cards and rows of your dealt cards. The intersection - is the best option in every single situation:

  • H - Hit
  • S - Stand
  • D - Double
  • Ds - Double otherwise Stand
  • P - Split
  • H/P - Split or Hit
  • H/R - Surrender or Hit.

Blackjack cheat sheet - is a guide, which can only recommend you certain moves and decisions. They are necessary if you only start learning how to play at Blackjack in order to refer to them when don't know how to act. Blackjack sheets are easy to memorize so you don't need to take them all the way and cheat.

We've described the main Blackjack cheating methods. Whether to use them or not - it's up to you, because most of these methods are illegal.