Hard Hands Strategy

While playing blackjack, whether online or in a real casino you will time and again see the rules written table's felt. To comprehend the rules of blackjack completely and to properly play blackjack it is crucial to understand the notion of hard hands and soft hands. It is significant to grasp the notion of hard hands and soft hands because not only it influence the rules of hit and stand by the dealer, but it also influence the blackjack strategy of the players.

A hard hand

A hard hand is a hand that comprises of a value of twelve to sixteen. This kind of a hand is not good in blackjack. Most of the time it is so low, that you cannot beat the dealer. Sometimes, it is so high that you cannot take an extra card, without the threat of busting.

The chart

This chart is a player's best friend. Some of the most brilliant theoreticians of blackjack devised this chart. Most of them are currently enshrined in the Hall of Fame of blackjack, using high-powered computers. This chart tells the player the best way to play a hand in any situation.

The soft hands possess a special segment in the chart, because these are so special. The main advantage of soft hand is that it cannot bust so you are allowed to play with soft hands with the basic strategy chart. For instance if you get a hard hand of seventeen then the chart advice you to stand without any regards to the cards shown by the dealer. In case you take up another card, then there will be a risk of busting. However, with the soft hand of seventeen you can hit. You are also advised to go for a double down when the dealer shows a three, four, five or six.

Now you should understand the role of an Ace. You should know what to do if you have two aces. The strategy says to split the aces all the time. If you do not split them, then you will be left with a 12, which is a taut hand. Suppose if you split them, then you will have two hands both with an Ace and both waiting for another card. In case, the subsequent card is a face card or a ten, then you get 21. In case, the card is 2 to 9 then you have another soft hand that make wonders again.

Therefore, you will not go off beam if you pursue the strategy. The strategy chart is wonderful, but a bit complicated for some. When you are playing online, you will not have to memorize it.