• Your account information on This Portal, including all of your preferences of communication, can be edited anytime.
  • Brand new communication preference categories can be added onto the page thereof every now and then. Users that come to the page, however, can choose to opt-out of getting communications in the future from those new categories. All they have to do is unsubscribe by going through the instructions that can be found in their received messages.
  • Certain This Portal communications, like administrative messages and service announcements are seen as a piece of the membership, though, so you cannot decide not to get them if you have an active account.
  • You can ask to delete or de-active your account anytime. However, we might keep information regarding the deleted or de-activated accounts within our informational archives.

Website Security and Confidentiality

  • Your personal information has limited access when it comes to employees and only those who really need your information to offer you services or products can access them.
  • Procedural, physical, and electronic safeguards exist here that comply along with federal rules to keep your personal information safe.
  • Your account information at This Portal is completely password-protected.
  • Within certain areas, SSL encryption is used to protect the transmissions of data in This Portal.

Privacy Policy Changes

  • This policy can be updated by This Portal anytime. You will be notified about any important changes that effect your personal information through a notice in the email address that your account at This Portal uses or by putting up a prominent website notice.