Blackjack Strategies

The way a player makes decision is actually the secret behind winning millions in Blackjack. One has to make some choices in this game such as whether to hit or to stand or whether a player wants to go double, split or take insurance. You should keep a point in that this game always favors the dealer. When both the player and the dealer bust, it is the dealer who wins.


  • Make sure that you select a table on which the players' wager is inside 3 to 5 percent of the total money you play. This will provide you time to prepare and to know the dealer as well.
  • If you have a card lower than seventeen points, then you cannot win as the dealer will all the time hit a hand of sixteen or less than it.
  • If you think that you can defeat the dealer then go for the 'double'. In this you raise your initial bet twice over and get an extra card.
  • One of the most powerful moves is the "split" however you should never split a pair of 5's, 10's as well as face cards.
  • The dealer should be given generous tips. This helps in making sure that you do not put your seat at risk in Blackjack.

Another important point to consider is at the time when your fingers land on a 'hard' or 'soft' hand. The main thing is to know the differences and there are many. If one of your cards comes to be an Ace then this hand is called a soft hand, as this can be counted both as 11 or 1. The main risk is that if you hit you can bust and if you stand your hand might fall short. If there is no Ace, then it is a hard hand and you will have to face the same problem. What should you do in such situation?

  1. You should stand with a hard hand comprising of 12 or more and a soft hand comprising of 17 or more. If your hand is lesser than 12 then go for the hit.
  2. Play as per the rules played on the table used by the dealer.

Basic Strategy by Thorp and Uston

This says that you should use the dealer's revealed card for your benefit. The numbers 7 to 10 and Ace is beneficial for the dealer plus the numbers 2 to 6 are not good. If the dealer exposes a bad card then he is cautious of busting. In case, you card permit you to double or split then just go for it.