Perfect Blackjack Betting Systems to Follow

Many gamblers truly believe that there can be some perfect blackjack betting systems. In the base of every betting system lies a belief that Blackjack card game can be beat and the balance between losses and winnings can be controlled by some perfect blackjack betting strategy. However, all the betting systems divide into good and bad.

We can affirm that there are no perfect blackjack betting strategies at all, because every single betting system does have disadvantages. And relying on the gambler's experience we can state that no one single betting system can beat the game. However, if you have learned the basic strategy and follow its prescriptions - you can increase your odds in online Blackjack and gain the advantage over the house.

Betting systems

Many players think that betting systems work at a short-term run. Partially it's true. Because in a long run term the amount of money spent and bet are almost equal to the player's expectations.

There are several betting systems to pay attention at.

  • Flat Betting
  • Paroli Betting
  • Betting System
  • Labouchere
  • Martingale

Flat Betting

The system means that you wager the same amount of money all the time and your bets are equal for every hand.


This is another money management system to be aware of. It is one of the most complex betting systems ever. The player keeps playing until he loses all the money. Avoid this betting system and never try to follow its recommendations.


Martingale was one of the first betting Blackjack systems. It recommends to double bets after every loss in the game in order to cover all the previous losses if the player wins.

Paroli Betting

Paroli betting system is sometimes called a positive betting strategy. Player increases its wagers if his previous hand has won. This system is good for a long run term games.

1-3-2-6 Betting System

This is a positive progression strategy. The main idea is to play with small amounts of money. According to this system the player wins his money proportionally. Although, in order the system work - the player have to follow its rules and make all the required bets.

As we have said previously, if you are looking for win at Blackjack - you need to learn basic Blackjack strategy or the most appropriate one for you. Then you don't have a need of searching perfect Blackjack betting system.